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Level up your stream

Connect your lights to events from your stream, like new followers, subscribers, chat commands, and more.

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Create Lighting Animations

Create custom lighting animations for all your devices using an easy to use Lux Editor. Ultimate creative freedom.
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Customize with the Lux Editor

Create and edit your own lighting animations using the Lux Editor.
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Connect to Platform Events.

After connecting platforms like Twitch and StreamLabs, you can select which events trigger your custom light effects or scenes.
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Share control with Chat Commands.

Allow your audience to take control of your lights through chat commands. Set up commands, control permissions, and give your audience the wheel as they interact with your lights.
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Control your devices with Lightboard

On a single page, control all of your devices. With options to select from favorite colors, default colors, or create your own with our color picker. Create groups of devices to quickly control multiple devices at once.
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Engage your audience with Streamlux

Check out real screens from our desktop application and see for yourself how you can engage your audience.

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Supporting 8 device brands and apps with more coming every update.

Philips Hue
Smart Life
Magic Home